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About Oldcarparts

Many of us have driven the old timers from today in their youth . Those beautiful vehicles from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or later from the last century. Everyone has their own memories. Also the memories of Jan Telkamp have resulted in starting Oldcarparts.
Jan Telkamp is still owner of Oldcarparts and loved cars from the time he still was a young boy. Along with his grandfather and father and still being at an early age he worked on cars in the company at the 130 Laakweg, corner Rijswijkseweg in The Hague.
It was no coincidence that Jan, after his car mechanic/body work graduation was employed in that same garage ‘De Molen”. All this in the image of time of the 60 ‘s.
It soon became clear at that time that Jan’s way of working lead to a change in the company, he specialized in body work and car painting, his insights and knowledge and love for cars but especially the way of approaching customers was a valuable addition to the company. Jan relieved the customers and with his experience he had a solution for every problem.

Perfect service

He was known as the “little man” a person who takes time for his customers and is always smiling. His hospitality, hard work and positive attitude have ensured Jan Telkamp has lead a thriving and successful garage company along with the support of his father for 50 years.

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As a versatile craftsman he wanted to pursue his passion after selling the garage, by expanding his knowledge and love for the old-timer. From this passion Oldcarparts arose in 2003 which company deals with the buying and selling of classic cars and parts. This company is located in Waddinxveen, Kerkstraat 19-21.
Again, this “small” entrepreneur involved in advising and satisfying its customers. If you are looking for parts for a vintage car John knows where to find it in his 1,000 square meter warehouse. But if you only want advice on your oldtimer he is always willing to share his knowledge with you while having a coffee.

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Now in 2018, Jan Telkamp at the age of 71 actually has only one big wish left: transferring his knowledge and the company in order the company to survive. But because of not having any successor Jan decided to sell out his Oldcarparts stock.